DNA AIR FILTER SYM WOLF 125 / 250 12-14 / VF 185i 19-22

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We proudly announce the official release of the R-SY2SC14-01 DNA air filter for the SYM model: - WOLF 125 / 250 12-17- VF 185 19-20* Installation of this new DNA Air filter is very easy; simply follow the installation instructions included in the SYM workshop manual. * The filtering efficiency1 is extremely high at 98-99% filtering efficiency (ISO 5011), with 4 layers of DNA® Cotton. * The flow of this new DNA filter is high, +12.87% more than the SYM stock paper filter! DNA air filter flow: 105.20 CFM (Cubic feet per minute) @1,5”H2O corrected @ 25degrees Celsius SYM stock paper filter: 93.20 CFM (Cubic feet per minute) @1,5”H2O corrected @ 25degrees Celsius * This DNA® filter is designed as a High flow Air filter for: ‘Road, Off road & track use’.
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MODELVF 185i, Wolf 125, Wolf 250
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